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against silence. ~Carlos Fuentes

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Welcome to FFD!


  So. Seeing as I don't really expect that we'll get any random members that are not directly invited by one of our many enthusiastic friends around here, I'll just give my shorted speech and move on. :)


 Honestly I don't care about Foopets anymore. I remember when I made this website I was so full of anger and resentment that I gave the website a name that was supposed to remind us of the trials that we have been through. 'Foofallsdown' has changed, however. It is no longer a place of anger and misguided hope. It is a place of joy and compassion turned into a group of friends writing away in a glorious escape from reality. We welcome you into our odd little clan, and as long as you abide by our unspoken (and honestly, many spoken) expectations, you are welcome to stick around.


Thank you, Ryoko, for the creation of this glossary.


Basic Role Plays



Moonlight Wolves

It's your simple wolf pack, filled with drama and all that jazz. It's rather undeveloped at the moment - feel free to jump in and take control of it. No need to wait for Joy - she'd be happy to give ownership to someone else.


Intermediate Role Plays


Sins of the Past

A fantasy role play that deals with relations of humans, elves, and half-elves and a secret war that is brewing.


Nekos: How We Survive


California: Celebrities Life


Waterfall Wolves Pack


Moonlight Wolf Pack (intermediate version)

An intermediate wolf pack - it's open, feel free to take control of it. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot Joy a PM, but she won't be very strict with it.


A Roleplay


Wait a second... You're a what now?


Advanced/Literate Role Play


Treading Deep Water


The Glitch


Silent Foot Steps, Silent Paws (wolf rp)


Wolves of the Risin Moonlight

An open generic wolf roleplay - feel free to step up and take control of it. I made it pretty ambiguous so by all means do what you want with it. You really don't even have to ask - just follow the rules of the site.


Beauty and the Beast


The Survivors


Hard Core Role Plays


Evermore Temolos Firs


Murphy's Law


Sticks and Stones


Demon Van De Nocht



*not currently in use*


Prison or Paradise

In a world where reading and writing are strictly forbidden, those with the way of words are locked away in a prison, cut off from the 'perfect' society for fear their intelligence would overrun a world controlled by the media. These literate few find journals in their cells, and what's more, the things they write begin to come true, but only in a small area around the prison. How will the world react to this unnatural change? *currently not in use - PM Joy for details. Or Sierra.*


Living With Fear



Private Role Plays


Just One Bite New

A Vampire Roleplay


Alice+Sierra (Magic)


Sunglasses in the dark


What is Human

A story of Mutant Oppression and the hearts of the oppressed and oppressey.


To Cage a Bird


Weeping Angels - Hylle 4 years later


Canis Lupus

A new twist on the story of the werewolf set in modern times. This tale is one of love and hate, old friends and eternal enemies, all taking place in the remote Colorado mountains and the beautiful Paris, France. Stop by to take a glance at the story of how Hatari and Ithil's love blossoms in the most unlikely of circumstances. *based on an old story of ours, not currently accepting members.*


WiH Flashbacks



After a horrible accident, a young woman is rescued at a terrible cost: she is on a walking life support system, under the control of a mysterious agency known only as 'The System'. When unsuspecting Leon and Hana get in the middle of The System's dangerous experiments, they barely escape the powers of Elle, the woman-gone-robot master assassin. Will Elle's humanity prevail against the powers of the System? Only time will tell. *currently not accepting members - PM Joy with questions.*


Hylle Deja Vu


Menagerie - After the Fact


Just One Bite Old / No longer in use 


Discharge for Creativity


Da Favola

*Not currently in use. If you are interested in reviving this particular tale, feel free to read through it and send Joy a PM.* 


If you would like your roleplay added to this glossary, or if you would like a 3-5 sentence description added to your roleplay already listed here, send Joy a PM. 


On that note, I'll leave you with some advice.




 Joy's personal list:

A few more roleplays just for my personal reference that I want to keep track of:

The Whole Truth

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath


 Fates Design

TDW - flashbacks and future

Anything with Harley Rev and Olive

 WiH - Salem + Walter (flashback)


If you have any non-FFD roleplays that you just want a reminder of so when you don't know what you have to write for, you can just look at the list, let me know and I can make you your own non-ffd personal list. :D

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